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Diverse Number of Templates for Marketers & Agencies
Doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, whether you’re an in-house marketer or agency. We have all the templates you’ll need to get started with from SEM, SEO, PPC, social media, eCommerce, Advertising, email and more. You’ll be able to measure and track the most common KPIs and metrics while you customize your own unique Dashboard.

Check out our Report Templates...


SEO Report Template

Google Analytics | Google Search Console

Monitor all efforts made and discover the insights you need to improve your SEO strategies by displaying all key metrics, including SERP, content, sessions from organic, backlinks built and much more.


PPC Report Template

Google Ads | Bing Ads

Show all your PPC campaigns by measuring, analyzing and comparing costs, CTRs, conversion rates and much more between each various campaign to see what's working and what's not.


Email Report Template

MailChimp | Campaign Monitor

Check out your email campaigns by displaying all key parts of your eDM strategy and analyze your best campaigns, your open rates, CTRs, bounce rates and much more.


Google Analytic Report Template

Google Analytics

Monitor your Google Ads benchmarks in more details by analyzing your campaigns, channels, demographics, performance and more.


eCommerce Report Template

Google Analytics

Evaluate your eCommerce website and  track all your conversion data by having a summary of your revenues, order values, conversion rates, transactions made, website performance and much more.


SEM Report Template

Google Ads 

Monitor all your Google Ads efforts by having an overview of your campaigns CTR, conversion rates, CPC, impression share, top keywords and much more.


Social Media Report Template

Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn | Twitter

Have an overview of all your social media channels by having a detailed dashboard of all your new acquired followers, engagement rate, top posts, and much more.


Advertising Campaign Report Template

Google Ads | Facebook

Have a snapshot of your Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns by monitoring your costs, CTRs, conversions and see which campaigns are working and which aren't.


Digital Marketing Report Template

Google Analytics 

Summarize your SEO and PPC performance by tracking your KPIs, bounce rates, conversion, costs and much more, allowing you to see which campaigns have the best conversions and which landing pages are the best.


Facebook Ad Report Template

Facebook Ads

See which Facebook ad is working best for your business and which one needs optimization by tracking your campaigns performance such as costs spent, link clicks, costs per conversions, page likes and much more.


Business Executive Report Template

Google Analytics

Have a holistic summary of your business's performance by analyzing and comparing your most important metrics and KPIs and share these results with business executives.


Sales Report Template

Google Analytics

Monitor sales pipelines and reports so you can spend more time on which leads can be developed or closed instantly. Spend time on building your sales pipeline for your business.


Google Ads Report Template

Google Ads

Optimize your Google Ads strategies more in-depth by taking a look at your campaigns, ad groups, keyword performance and much more.


Google My Business Report Template

Google My Business

Understand and Utilize your Google My Business listings by having an summary of your total search queries, phone calls received, direction requests, reviews and your online search performance.


KPI Report Template

Google Analytics | Google Search Console

Track all business's performance strategy by understanding your business's goals, website's traffic, sales, leads and acquisitions, your businesses metrics to maximize your ROI.


Web Analytic Report Template

Google Analytics | Google Search Console

Monitor all your website's key metrics and KPIs such as your overall performance, your costs and ROIs, and all your SEO, PPC, social media and marketing campaign results.

Or Create & Personalize your own Report 

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